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Selecting records

To identify records to print they need to be selected.

Once you have filtered records you can then select them for printing. Recall on the previous tutorial we covered filtering of records which is limiting records to certain search term(s). If you would like to print these records, we need to Select them; i.e. identify the records we would like to print out.

On you have filtered the records, simply click the Select all button:

  • If nothing has been selected previously you will recieve a message saying x number of records have been selected.
  • If you have previously selected records you will recieve a message asking if a new selection can be made. If you agree, the new selection will be done.



To see previously selected records: select Show selected records from the Navigation options (right-hand side of the form) and the records will be limited to what has been previously selected.

To select records individually: occassionaly you might need to select records on an ad hoc basis:

  • First you need to reset any previously selected records by selecting Deselect records.
  • Then you can navigate through the database and click the Select button to select the record.

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