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ASP Active Server Pages: script programming that queries data on an Internet server. The data can be viewed via a web broswer.
Code Programming code (Visual Basic) used to perform certain functions.
Field Part of a record and stores a unit of information; i.e. someone's surname, title of an artwork, ID number, etc.
Filter Allows the user to retrieve certain records from a product by filtering information.
Folder Basically a place on your computer where files are stored. Also known as a directory. See Microsoft® Windows help about creating a folder and sub-folders.
Form Essentially forms determine how you view your data, they usually contain fields, buttons, etc.
Look up A field with an arrow on the right hand side that, when clicked, opens up previously stored data. This is useful to ensure a standard way of capturing data. This feature should not be confused with the Lookup buttons/fields that jump to the information you select.
Navigation bar This bar displays the number of records and allows you to move up and down the records.
Path A statement that determines where a file, or files, are located (i.e. c:\my documents).
Print preview Allows you to view your data and the lay out before printing.
Query Queries are basically stored searches or filters that are used again and again. The user does not need to work with queries directly when using Logos Flow products.
Record Consists of fields and stores categories of information; i.e. all information pertaining to an artist, or all information on how an item is described.
Record Selector The vertical bar on the far right of a form with a small arrow pointing right.
Report As opposed to a form, which allows the user to view information on the screen, a report is used to print the information out.
Status bar A horizontal bar in most Microsoft® applications at the bottom of the application's window.
Sub-form A form embedded in another form.
Switchboard A common form found in Logos Flow products. Once you have entered your password, the Switchboard is opened and provides you with a point-of-entry into the entire product.
Tab (1) Tab key on the keyboard.
Tab (2) Tab control on a form that allows you to navigate through the pages of a form.
Table Stores the records which contain the raw data in a database. The data is displayed in rows and columns.
Thumbnail Reduced image or view of an image that is meant to give you an impression of the large image.
URL Uniform Resource Locator - the proper name for an Internet address. URL: Uniform Resource Locator - the proper name for an Internet address.

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