Support (off-line and specific products)

» Biographical
Details of the fields used for documenting Producer's Biographical information
» Deleting
Deleting records from a database
Switch on Delete Mode by clicking Delete Record
» Exporting
Exporting data to a spreadsheet
Export options
» Groups
How to add Items to a Group
From Item Description click Groups (if there are no Groups you get this form - click Open All Groups to add one)
» HumanitiesCMD App
Basic support about the online app that integrates with the HumanitiesCMD
Login screen
» Item Description
Details of the fields used for documenting the description of an Item
Description form
» Item Management
Details of the fields used for managing an Item
» Microsoft Edge downloads
Navigating the downloads with EXE files
1) You will receive a warning message saying the download file was blocked. Click the 3 dots (...) and select 'Keep'
» Producer
Details of the fields used for documenting a Producer
» QR codes and the HumanitiesCMD
Process of capturing the QR code and relating to an item
1) Example of website address
» Quick Capture
Capturing documentation from one 'place'
Quick Capture icon
» Quick Capture Wizard
Capturing information about an Item and sending it to the database
Description capture
» Security and standardisation options
Support on the various settings you make as administrator
Diagram 1: security form when opened

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