Specific support

Support (off-line and specific products)

» Advanced filtering
How to use this powerful feature
1) Advanced filtering open with column highlighted
» Back ups
Backing up your data
» Basic hints
» Builds
Downloading, running and installing a Build
» Common buttons
Details of various common buttons in all off-line products
» Creating a seperate data file
Step-by-step instructions to run mutiple data files
» Downloading an setup file (.exe)
Using either Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge or Google Chrome
Download options for Explorer / Edge
» File name extensions
How to Show or Hide them
File extensions in Windows 10
» Filtering
Various ways to filter data
» Find
» Finding and replacing text
» Generic Thesaurus
Integrated into most off-line products
Terms you can use
» Hyperlinks
Details about linking to files (images, documents, video, etc)
Hyperlinks (main form)
» Hyperlinks - Alternative Paths
File management
Global Hyperlinks to set the alternative path
» Images
Setting up an image archive, sizes, resolution, etc.
» Importing data
General notes on the process of importing data
Example of a spreadsheet - or flat-file - with simple rows and columns
» Installation and technical notes
General notes about the installation, and re-installation, of off-line products
» Installing a data file
This is only necessary if Logos Flow was required to work on your data file and returns it to you
» Installing an upgrade on a network
Use this guide if you recieve an upgrade to a product which is used in a network (LAN) environment
» Installing latest Logos Flow products
Database products are now developed to function with Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013
Office 2010 icon
» Installing via CD
Instructions to install off-line products
» Installing via website address
Instructions to install off-line products
» Installing via website login
Instructions to install off-line products
» Internet / Intranet export
Exporting data from off-line product to online products
ContactMD example of the Export Internet option
» Internet Information Server (IIS)
Setting up IIS on an Intranet to run Classic ASP Logos Flow products
Clasic ASP installed
» Lookups explained
Showing data already captured
Lookup field example
» Microsoft Access Runtime 2010
Downloading and installing
Access 2010 icon
» Microsoft Access Runtime 2013
Downloading and installing
Access 2013 icon
» Networking
Setting up a shared data file on a network (LAN)
» Networking Full Editions
Step-by-step instructions to setup access to a database product so more than one user can add and edit information.
» Networking User Editions
Step-by-step instructions to setup user access on your network. Users have full functionality of the product but cannot add or edit.
» Outline of ID numbering
How IDs are generated in various collection-based products
ID options
» Quick Search / Filter
» Running 32-bit or 64-bit Office?
Sometimes you need to know which platform or version of Microsoft Office you are using
» Special characters
How to insert special characters such as é, â, etc. into a database
Character Map
» Spell checking
How to spell check your database
Spelling icon on the Toolbar
» Starting
Details on starting for the first time (after installation) and installing an upgrade
» Switchboard : Compact
Details about compacting or repairing a data file
» Switchboard : General options
General product options once you have entered your username and password
» Switchboard : Networking
Available in latest Logos Flow products
Networking tab on the Switchboard
» Testing a network
A couple of simple steps to check you have networked the data file correctly
» Toolbars and menus
General Functions toolbar and General Menu bar
» Training
From basic to advanced training for all Logos Flow database products
» Transferring compressed data via email
Using the ContactMD as an example
» Transferring data
transferring data from one computer to another
» Trouble-shooting
Problems and solutions
» Un-installation
How to un-install a product
» Updating your touchscreen
Depending how your touchscreen is setup there are various way of updating it
» Using the Trust Center
Assigning trusted locations
Trust Center (with C:\DataFlow included)

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