Support (off-line and specific products)

» Components
What is a Component?
» Downloads and Links
These features apply to your main website Downloads and Links pages.
» Item Downloads
How to add large downloadable files to an Item
Item Downloads showing the FTP option
» Item Links
Adding / editing Links to an Item
Cross-reference text (copy this link text)
» Items
Details of an Item in the ItemsOD (also know as OID)
Item toolbar to add images, articles, links and pricing
» Items (in general)
Definition of a Item?
» Items (OIDLite)
Details of an Item in the OIDLite
» Website Comments aka Vents
Managing comment posted to your website
Visitor posts their Comments
» Widgets
Embedding video and other widgets to your website - yourself.
Widget icon (top right toolbar)
» WYSIWYG editor
Pros and Cons

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