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Adding and Editing

To add or edit, we need to be able to Navigate.

Notice on the bottom left of the form is a Navigation bar which lets you move between records to add, edit or view information.

This bar appears all over the database and, once you have used it a couple of times, you will find it very easy.

Let's look at adding a new record. Notice the button on the right: 
If you click it, you will be presented with a new record with blank fields, ready for you to fill in.

Below is an example of two blank fields - ready to enter a first and last name:

Below is an example of edited fields:

If you need to edit a record that already has information, simply place your cursor (click the left-button on your mouse) in the field.

Couple of other things to understand about the Navigation bar:

  • Moving between records: the left and right arrow buttons move you to the next or previous records. The arrows buttons with a bar move you to the first or last record.
  • Number of records: the Navigation bar also lets you know which record you are on, and how many records there are. In the example above: it is on record number 1 out of a total of 7919 records.

 Finding and Filtering


You do not need to save a recorded once you have added or edited - you simply move to the next record and the previous one is automatically saved.

New terms

  • Record: stores categories of information; i.e. all information pertaining to an artist, or all information on how something is described. A record consists of fields.
  • Field: stores a category of information; i.e. someone's surname, title of a book, etc. Fields make up a record.

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