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Auditing a collection has become really important as it provides a difinitive account of all the items in a collection. Consider collections spread across geographic locations - this could be a university campus or across countries. The question is how to do an audit economically and effectively?

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Highly customisable interface » CollectionOD upgrade to v5.0
Some important new features and improvements
Upgraded and highly customisable Quick Capture module » HumanitiesCMD upgrade to v16.0
The HumanitiesCMD upgrade to v16.0 has focused on security, administration, standardisation and a number of new features.
CollectionOD » CollectionOD v4.0 upgrade
Now complete and ready to install
HumanitiesCMD QR codes capture screen » HumanitiesCMD v15.0 upgrade
Following closely on the v14.0 upgrade, v15.0 is now ready
David Paton receiving the HSS 2018 award » The Artists` Book website
Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Awards
The Booknesses Project website » Booknesses presentation
Logos Flow presents at the Booknesses conference

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