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Internet / Intranet export

To avoid having all information from the database in a shared server environment, the Logos Flow products usually have an option to Export to Internet / Intranet. This creates a separate file with specific data that excludes management information such as storage details, financial information, etc. It also allows for records to be blocked entirely. Also, it allows the staff managing the information to choose when to make the latest data available.

To select records to export, there is a tick box labelled: Allow on Internet / Intranet. If this option is ticked then it will be exported. If it is not ticked, then it will not be exported (this allows you to block records entirely). This option is normally found in the Management module or on an Administration tab.

Follow the steps below to update the Internet / Intranet:
  1. Select Export options which is available via the Switchboard and one the Navigation options (grey bar on the right of the form).
  2. From Export options select Export Internet. You will receive a message about the number of records to export, click Yes to continue.
  3. One some products: once all the records have been exported you will receive a message asking if you would like to compress the data – click Yes to continue without compressing.
  4. Locate the Internet / Intranet file: c:\DataFlow\xxxx\xxxx_int.mdb and copy it to the Internet / Intranet server. If updating your website you will need to FTP the data file to your website.
  5. If there are any images and documents associated with items in your database, you will also need to update these.

Product export files

The following are the name of the export files according to a product:
  • CollectorsMD: export file is cd_int.mdb and it is saved in the c:\DataFlow\Cd folder.
  • ContactMD: export file is add_int.mdb and it is saved in the c:\DataFlow\Address folder.
  • HumanitiesCMD: export file is cmdh_int.mdb and it is saved in the c:\DataFlow\CmdH folder.
  • ResourceMD: this product reports to multiple files and the are saved in the c:\DataFlow\ReMD folder:
    • remd_main_items.mdb: the most commonly used on at it exports the main Items from your database.
    • remd_bibliography.mdb: includes exported data from the Bibliograhical module.
    • remd_chronology.mdb: includes exported data from the Chronology module.
    • remd_quotations.mdb: includes exported data from the Quotations module.
    • remd_tributes.mdb: includes exported data from the Tributes module.
    • remd_int.mdb : includes all the above in one file.

Destination of export files
  • Intranet: the most common destination of the exported data file on your server is c:\Inetpub\wwwroot. Under this folder is the specific location of your Intranet.
  • Website: Logos Flow will provide you with FTP access to your website folder.

Click the image for a view of: ContactMD example of the Export Internet option
ContactMD example of the Export Internet option

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