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Testing a network

A couple of simple steps to check you have networked the data file correctly:

Networking a database product is essentail when multiple users need to access the same data file. They might have read-only or admin (can add and edit) access. Either way, you can test a network is setup properly by viewing the data from the different user's computers. This can be done by:

  • Read-only and Admin access: check via the data source that the location of the data file is the same on all user's computers.
  • Admin access: Admin access allows a user to make changes by adding or editing. The simple test is to check a change on one user's computer is the same with another user. For example: add / edit a record and check the change is the same on all the users.
  • Read-only access: after your have networked to a data file and installed the product on the user's computer, identify a record and check the same record is seen by all the users.

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