» HumanitiesCMD upgrade to version 12.0
New features and functionality
New Item Description form: note Filters
» HumanitiesCMD new feature
Quick Capture
New Quick Capture feature available
» New functionality added to the HumanitiesCMD v11.0
You can now find or filter across all Stock Taking history
» User Editions
User Editions of the HumanitiesCMD and ResourceMD now available
» Some functions standardised across 3 x products
HumanitiesCMD, ResourceMD and PhotoCMD have received an upgrade to standardise some features useful for auditing posposes.
Example of Items with no management records acssociated
» HumanitiesCMD Global Search
Totally reworked the functionality of search across the entire HumanitiesCMD
Global Search and results
» HumanitiesCMD Print Options
Version 11.0 places a lot of emphasis on upgrading the reporting options
Print Options where you select the fields, sub-reports and totals to display.
» HumanitiesCMD Item Movement
New emphasis now placed on how the temporary location of Items is managed
Movement icon
» HumanitiesCMD™ version 10.0 upgrade
Museums, national collections, provincial / state collections, city / municipal collections, corporate / business collections, universities, private collectors, . . . HumanitiesCMD™ version 10.0 is now available!
» HumanitiesCMD™ version 9.0 upgrade
Logos Flow™ is proud to announce the latest version of the HumanitiesCMD™ - version 9.0!
» Software upgrade
Now CMD Humanities v8.1

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