Services Logos Flow offers.

Services: primary

  • integrated solutions: using a variety of technologies to offer integrated solutions to your organisation
  • software products: these are either off-line products or on-line products
  • website and Internet solutions: click here for full details and examples
  • customised databases: we have been involved in a variety of projects over the years and are able to offer customised databases to suit your particualr requirements
  • Intranet development: a range of Intranet options are available - whether a basic HTML Intranet or advanced ASP driven Intranet
  • specialised components: we actively develop specialised components (or modules) that integrate with websites, local area networks (LANs) and stand-alone computers - our approach is: if we cannot find existing software to do the task, then we'll make it ourselves

Services: specialist

  • graphic design: we are also associated with various graphic design specialists
  • project management: we are associated with a number of specialists who manage small to large projects relating to tourism, heritage, education, etc.
  • contacts: we have worked on a number projects over the years and have developed a network of useful contacts who can offer a range of tasks for the business, heritage, educational, medical, scientific and environmental sectors
  • photography: we offer full photographic services
  • banners: we also use the services of a banner designer (still or animated)

Services: general

  • help manuals: we can develope any type of manual into the rich Internet format and compile it into a single file that your organisation can distribute
  • data capturing: understanding the massive task faced by organisations who must convert printed material into digital format, we have a team who are available for data capturing tasks using a variety of tools we have deevloped

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