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» Collections module
New module added to the ResourceMD
Capturing Collections details
» Quick Capture Wizard now in the ResourceMD
Popular feature in other Logos Flow products is now included
» ResourceMD cross-referencing in v5.0 upgrade
A completely new feature is Cross-referencing which lets you cross-reference between modules with the ResourceMD and between other Logos Flow database products
Cross-referencing within the ResourceMD
» ResourceMD Item Movement
New emphasis now placed on how the temporary location of Items is managed
» Some functions standardised across 3 x products
HumanitiesCMD, ResourceMD and PhotoCMD have received an upgrade to standardise some features useful for auditing posposes.
Example of Items with no management records acssociated
» User Editions
User Editions of the HumanitiesCMD and ResourceMD now available

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