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Licenses / subscriptions

The main reason for Logos Flow offering a license / subscription service is to provide an efficient support service and upgrade process. We see upgrading as integral to our business as we can supply continuous improvements to the products and keep in-line with various trends, both in your area of business and general software development. Also, via upgrading, you receive improvments to the product through the suggestions of others who are using the same product. In this way we can include you in the development and invite you to send you comments and suggestions.

Below are details of the subscription service:

Benefits for you
  • You will automatically receive version upgrades as Logos Flow™ makes them available - at no additional cost.
  • Free email, Internet and telephonic support.
  • We will keep track of all the products, versions and licenses that apply to your organisation.
  • We will notify you in advance when your subscriptions are due which will simplify the budgeting and tracking of licenses.
  • If you are using custom reports there will be no additional charge to include them in an upgrade.
  • You will receive information on products, services and projects that apply to your organisation.
  • Your own online client account.
Notes and terms
  • We will supply an invoice one calender month prior to the renewal date.
  • Download products / upgrades via the Logos Flow website. If necessary, postage and packaging fee will be charged for the delivery of the product via CD.
  • You can cancel the subscription, in writing, with two months (or 60 days) prior notice.
  • This is an agreement between you, the end user, and Logos Flow™. By using the subscription service and software, you are agreeing to the terms of this agreement in the product’s readme.txt file and About box.
  • Please note that prices are subject to change and can be done so without prior consultation.


Logos Flow™ does not offer all it's products with a subscription option and custom developed products are upgraded as required.

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