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  • What does MD represent?
    ⇒ It represents: Management Database.
  • What does CMD represent?
    ⇒ It represents: Collection Management Database. Logos Flow™ offers a suite of CMD products suited to a particular type collection; i.e. social history, archaeology, art, etc. Instead of offering one product (often too cumbersome and excessive) that documents and manages any type of item in a collection, Logos Flow™ offers products ideally suited to a particular type of collection.
  • What does Lite represent?
    ⇒ It represents: a scaled down edition of a product which has basic or primary data capture and funcionality. These also assist getting started and using a relational database rather than a spreadsheet. They are often available for free!
  • What does UE represent?
    ⇒ It represents: User Edition is the exactly the same as the Full Edition with all the functionality of the product available - the only difference, unlike the Full Edition, is the user cannot add or edit data. These edition licenses are normally available at 10% of the product price.

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