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RegistrationCMD v2.0

The RegistrationCMD upgrade to v2.0 has focused on additional features

The v2.0 upgrade includes:

  • Global search: this feature, that is part of other Logos Flow products, has now been included in this upgrade. All the fields in the entire database are search, and you can open the items automatically filtered to your search results. The terms your enter are also record so you can easily repeat a search.
  • Hyperlinks: new module to accommodate Hyperlinks (to images, media, documents, etc.). Any number of hyperlinks can be associated with an item. Also added Thumbnails feature to main item so you can move through items and image thumbnails are displayed (refreshed automatically). You can zoom into an image, plus open whatever file is linked (for example an image or video file).
  • Print options: various reports added - checklist (all fields); checklist images (all fields); table (some main fields); table images (some main fields).
  • Export options: you can now export selected, or all, items to a format of your choice. For example: export to a spreadsheet.
  • Barcode ID: this field is now included with the main item data, plus in reports and export options.
  • Field standardisation: standardised field sizes with HumanitiesCMD and ResourceMD. Important for importing and exporting.

Click the image for a view of: Home / switchboard
Home / switchboard
Click the image for a view of: Simple item capture screen
Simple item capture screen
Click the image for a view of: Connect to HumanitiesCMD and ResouceMD data file to compare databases
Connect to HumanitiesCMD and ResouceMD data file to compare databases

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