A web-based CMS (content management system) that gives you the ability to record and manage subscribers, addresses, mailing lists, . . . directly via the Internet.


The SubscriberOD is a web-based CMS (content management system) that gives you the ability to maintain a mailing list or a list of subscribers directly via the Internet, whenever you need to.


Websites normally have some sections that have a registration, login or subscription - the SubscriberOD is structured to manage this. For instance you may want to have a newsletter or invitation that goes out regularly; or, you have you have researchers accessing important documents - the SubscriberOD facilitates this.

SubscriberOD is managed entirely by you - via the Internet. No software installed on your computer, no programming or HTML knowledge required, and you are able to update your website from anywhere in the world.

The SubscriberOD is highly flexible and is used on simple to highly complex websites - even managing mutiple access points to various sections of your website..

Full specifications

Home : once you have logged in the Home section informs and quides you:

  • Shows you all the updatable sections of your website and offers quick access to the section.
  • Offers the ability to search across all active sections from one centralised point. This lets you quick locate information you have previously uploaded to the website.

Subscriber status: this feature that let you set the Status such as current, archived and hidden:

How information is managed: accessed via one login where you see an Administrator interface that assists in finding, adding and editing the subscribers.

Images: you can upload images directly and these are displayed alongside the information. Any number of images can be associated with an subscriber and you can set the order the images are displayed.

Search: as you add information it is automatically becomes searchable. If available on your website, visitors are able to search and retrieve information.

Support: all support is placed online - so you always have access to the latest support - and various levels of support are offered. We can always login and assist.

Item Deletes: to avoid accidentailly deleting a subscriber, the default is to have it turned off. You can turn it on and off as required.

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