ContactMD and Projects

The ContactMD can be used to inform, or integrate with, a variety of projects such as building media lists, marketing lists and any kind of directory.

  • Consultation, project analysis and planning:
    • Liaison directly with staff when required, on all aspects of building a directory.
    • Travel to your organisation when necessary for consultation, training and support.
  • Data capture and training:
    • Provide consultation regarding data capture and training to staff as required; including, specific methods of capturing and building directories.
  • ContactMD - capture and management software:
    • Installation when required whether stand-alone or networked.
    • Training: provide basic to advanced training for staff where and when required.
    • Provide support: telephone, email and online manual.
    • Develop custom reporting (i.e. printed directory).
    • Provide custom exporting.
  • Supervise data capturing from:
    • Media lists
    • Marketing directories
    • Various other sources
  • Importing and manipulation of data from various sources into the ContactMD:
    • Spreadsheets
    • Databases
    • PDF files
    • Microsoft Word documents
  • ContactMD - online access to the directory:
    • Maintain current database content and images for staff to access the documentation via a web-interface - important for staff involved with the project.
    • Possible development to accommodate multiple directories while the data is being captured.
    • Possible development of mobi site to access the directory via a smart phone.
    • Access is via login and can be controlled by designated staff.
    • See further details about this product below.
  • Digitisation
    • Provide support and guidelines for digitising the directory.
    • All Logos Flow products accommodate digitisation in a number of ways. Basically, each contact / organisation recorded can have multiple images associated (logos, buildings, people, etc).
    • Images are carefully managed and recorded, plus accommodating and web-based projects for websites and intranets.
  • Images:
    • Image editing and supply of images in 3 x formats:
      • High resolution image - unedited (approx. 350dpi in RAW or TIF format)
      • Large format image - edited (approx. 350dpi in JPG format)
      • Low resolution images - edited (approx. 72dpi in JPG format)
    • Images are names according to ID for easy identification.
    • Images are securely stored and made available to staff as required.
  • Photography:
    • Logos Flow has a suitable camera and tripod for taking high resolution images.
  • Backups and data integrity:
    • Provide the infrastructure for regular backup of data and images.
  • Future:
    • Consultation, analysis and planning for future projects, especially in regard to offering the directory online via a website and Intranet (ideal for research within an organisation). Logos Flow has lots of experience in supplying these options. More details will be supplied on request.

We also specialise in the development of custom database solutions.

Offering consultation and analysis of your digital projects .

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