ArtBusinessOD and Touchscreens

Place your inventory, or stock, on a touchscreen for visitors to directly interact with.

  • Position a touchscreen kiosk in busy space so visitors engage and interact with your collection. Take them on virtual tours. No need for guides.
  • Highlight recently acquired, and topical, items in your collection.
  • You can also offer more information such as the history of your orgaisation, vision and objectives.
  • Display virtual exhibitions, from current ones to browsing an archive of previous ones.
  • Touchscreens can be available 24 / 7.

Logos Flow believes interactive touchscreens should:

  • Be easy to navigate and locate the information.
  • Offer the visitor a rewarding experience when viewing and finding the content.
  • Be well designed with good use of branding.
  • Entice the visitor to browse for more information.
  • As there is no mouse or keyboard input and the navigation needs to accommodate using your fingers - hence effort is required to get the balance between design and functionality right.
  • Essentially, to offer the user a rewarding experience in locating the information they require and while they are guided through the interactive process.

Interacting with a collection

The touchscreen interface that integrates with the ArtBusinessOD via a product that offers the various search and retrieval options. The touchscreen site provides the user-interface to interact with your collection's data and images. Search options will include - keeping in mind keyboard / mouse input is not available:

  • Guided searches - below are some examples of what can be offered:
    • Look up via the names of the artists, photographers, creators, ...
    • Look up via the location of items.
    • Look up via type of item.
    • Browse through the images - from start to finish or only images of a certain type.
  • Every search option must provide:
    • Clear and distinct list of search results with basic documentation and perhaps a thumbnail.
    • Access to relative components, for example: if browsing through artworks, you can click to view all artworks in the same location, by the same artist, etc.
    • Easily view full documentation and images associated with an item.
  • Support / Help / Tips:
    • Provide support / help manual which explains the content, functionality and various search tips.
  • Technical info:
    • Your touchscreen will use data that is recorded and managed in the ArtBusinessOD. You can select the information to display and block records entirely.
    • The ArtBusinessOD has the functionality to export to a single file that is stored on the touchscreen computer. This file can be updated at any time.

Touchscreens let the visitor to your organisation to interact directly with your collection.

A touchscreen kiosk can be developed to suit your environment - with your custom branding.

Add additional screens next to the touchscreen so other visitors can view someone interacting with your collection.

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