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HumanitiesCMD version 11.0 is ready

Thanks to all the current users and, as ever, your feedback continues to develop a better product.

  • Global Search and Filter: enter a word, or words, and instantly find Items, Producers, Management and Notes.
  • Movement: this feature is for tracking the temporary location of Items and now has improved functionality. Making it easier for you to record and manage the movement of Items.
  • Print options: completely overhauled and now you have a much larger variety of reports available. Including many more options to control what is printed - including / excluding fields and sub-reports. There are also a variety of sorting options.
  • Integrity checks: useful feature to see the last ID you edited or added.
  • Security: new addition to control access to Management and Storage information. Useful in a networked environment.
  • Themes and Categories: managed centrally and available when capturing an Item Description.
  • Thesaurus: upgrade to improve jumping between terms to use, not use and related terms.
  • Speed up networking: enabling or disabling various options to speed up networking.
  • Behind the scenes: the upgrade process has been upgraded to protect your data when moving from your previous version to version 11.00.

Important: this version is only available for Microsoft® Office 2007 and 2010. Please note: you do not require Microsoft® Access as Logos Flow can supply the Runtime version.

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