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Quick Capture Wizard now in the ResourceMD

New in ResourceMD version 4.0
If you are a new user, let this Wizard guide you through adding information to the ResourceMD. If you are an experienced user, let it guide you to capturing information very quickly.

The Quick Capture Wizard is a new feature to the ResourceMD and has been successfully integrated into other Logos Flow products. The aim is to create a space that is separate to the main database, where you can capture data and then send to the main database when ready.

The Quick Capture Wizard is ideal for capturing data with minimal knowledge of how the ResourceMD works; or, how to capture information for archival purposes: you do not have to be an expert to get going or to work efficiently.

A useful feature is being able to switch the ResourceMD into Quick Capture Mode. The means the ResourceMD opens the Quick Capture Wizard when the product opens. Useful if you have a project where data capture is the primary focus:
  • Information is captured quickly and in a standardised format.
  • Information can be proofed and verified to confirm record have been captured correctly.
You can capture the following information into the Quick Capture Wizard:
  • Item Description: Item ID, Title, Type, …
  • Management: Source, Storage, …
  • Collection: assign to a Collections and Headings
  • Producers: assign to a Producer, or Producers
  • Hyperlink: to images, documents, …
Lookups assist in standardising how information is captured and core information is tracked. For example, you cannot enter a duplicate Item ID as it needs to be unique. You will receive a warning message and the record will not be added to the database.

What makes it quick:
  • Information is captured in one place and not via multiple forms.
  • You only need to edit an Item ID to add a similar record.
  • Data captured is automatically assigned to the relevant section of the database.
  • Simply click the Send button to create another record.

Click the image for a view of:
Click the image for a view of: Quick Capture form - note the various sections that can be captured
Quick Capture form - note the various sections that can be captured
Click the image for a view of: Example of assigning a Collection and Headings
Example of assigning a Collection and Headings


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