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ResourceMD upgrade to v10.0

Important upgrade:

Improved file management

The ResourceMD includes a dynamic way to manage files linked to the Item Description, this especially important for images but also documents and various media such as video and sound files. The ResourceMD accommodates files stored on a local computer and on a shared (preferably mapped) folder. This means multiple users can all view the same files and they are stored in one location.

The new Alternative path option now solves the problem where users need to view and access the files from an alternative location. For example: you might have users on a network accessing images from a central server but another user viewing via a cloud folder. Alternative path solves this by allowing each user the ability to access the same files stored in an alternative location.

Support is available to assist in setting up the alternative paths - a simple three step process.

Reports / exports: four new reports / export options are available to improve the auditing options. These should cover most options required by your auditors.

Click the image for a view of: Example of an image displaying from an alternative location
Example of an image displaying from an alternative location


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