ContactMD and Mobile

Place a directory on a mobile site for access via a smart phone.

The mobile versions of the ContactMD offers the various search and retrieval options and ways to access and display information.

Smart phones offer keyboard input so many search options are available. A mobile site utilises a responsive design which provides the user-interface to interact with your directory.

Search options will include:

  • Basic search
    • Simply enter a search term, or terms, and the user gets a result. This kind of search avoids frustrating a user who is unsure what to search on.
  • Guided searches - below are some examples of what can be offered:
    • Look up a list of names of people, businesses, organisations, ...
    • Look up a list according to suburb, town, city, country, ...
    • Explore the directory according to category: lawyers, museums, furniture suppliers, stationary suppliers, ... the list is endless and these options here depend on your content
    • Explore the directory according to keywords - the options here depend on your content. Also, there are various Thesaurus options to carefully manage the keywords.
  • Every search option must provide:
    • Clear and distinct list of search results with basic documentation and perhaps a thumbnail.
    • Access to relative components, i.e. if searching and organisation you can click through to people associated with the organisation.
    • Easily view full documentation and images associated.
  • Support / Help / Tips:
    • Provide support / help manual which explains the content, functionality and various search tips.
  • Technical info:
    • Your mobile site will use data that is recorded and managed in the ContactMD. You can select the information to display and block records entirely.
    • The ContactMD has the functionality to export to a single file that is stored on the touchscreen computer. This file can be updated at any time.

Mobile sites let anyone interact directly with your directory via a smart phone.

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