If you are invited to an event via an email message or website the experience of registering is always much better when the process is easy to use and seamless. You click a button and automatically transferred to a website where you can register directly online, view the events details, enter accompanying people, your dietary, special needs requirements and any other general notes.


The ContactOR is ideal for online registration for any event. Whether an invitation to an exhibition opening or product launch, or to verifying contact and address details to keep your mailing list up-to-date.

The ContactOR offers an administrator of an event all the up-to-date details to effectively monitor the registration process. Not just one event but multiple events running simultaneously.

The ContactOR also offers additional functionality if you are using the ContactMD. You can export data which includes the details of the event and all the people who are receiving the invitation.


  • Contact details: Add and edit full contact details such as name, title, organisation, department, position, phone, mobile, fax, address, etc.
  • Activity / event details: view details of the event and who is attending.
  • Search options: variety of saerch and retrieval options, including a quick global search.
  • Totals: view real-time totals such as total aide memoire, RSVPs, attending, actually attending, and more.
  • Show / hide options: switch on / off what the user sees when they login, i.e. show or hide address, telephone, etc.
  • Download to spreadsheet: you can download a full list of all contacts to spreadsheet at any time. This includes the status of each contact as well.
  • Print: you can print a results of your search at any time, including full details of a contact.
  • Support: online support available.

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